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Blaze King

Princess 32

Princess 32

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The Princess 32 has a large 2.9 cu. ft. firebox and has a thermostat to automatically control the heat output (no electricity required). Our deep firebox design, 6” from the door opening to the bottom of the firebox, minimizes any chance of coals rolling forward and out of the firebox. With emissions of 0.4 g/h, as listed by the EPA, the Princess 32 sets a world-beating standard for the cleanest emissions of any stove of its size. Choose from different pedestal and door options to customize your Princess.



Appliance Dimensions

Cord Wood Max BTU's  51,000 BTU's
Efficiency 80% (as listed by EPA)
Constant Heat Output on High 37,727 BTU's per hour for 10 hours
Constant Heat Output on Low 12,576 BTU's per hour for up to 30 hours
Square Feet Heated 1,200 – 2,500
Average Heating Time 8 to 14 hours
Potential Burn time on low Up to 30 hours on low
Emissions (grams/hour) 0.4 g/hr
Firebox Capacity 2.9 cu.ft.
Flue Size 6"
Manual and Dimensions

Blaze King Princess 32 User Manual

Hearth Pad Corner Dimensions

Hearth Pad Dimensions

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