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The best way to heat your home, view our huge variety of woodstoves.

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Pellet Stoves

Explore our variety of pellet stoves that we have to offer

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Replace your old existing masonry fireplaces with our gorgeous selection of inserts

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WETT Inspections
  • Our Process

    Backwoods goal is to streamline the customer's process of getting heat into their house. We specialize in wood, gas and electric heating sources. From wood stoves to boilers, Backwoods will fully install and provide everything required to get warmth in your house. We also do WETT inspections and finishing work on fireplaces. Click this link to view our process in full detail.

  • Wood Heating

    We started Backwoods with wood heating in mind, it is what we always recommend to customers. Backwoods will completely provide the wood stove, fireplace, and boiler including hearth, chimney and venting. We are always adding new units to our website so feel free to contact us if you see one that is not on the website.

  • Pellet Heating

    A lot of people are interested in pellets for their ease of use and minimal start up and load times. We totally agree with you. Backwoods also sells and installs pellet stoves, inserts, and pellet boilers with venting and hearth. As well as a full WETT inspection.

  • Gas and Electric Heating

    Gas and/or electric heating might be the way for you. No wood mess and no yearly cleaning is required. From fireplaces, to gas stoves, we have them all. Contact us for to get more information as there is a lot of options to choose from (And I mean A LOT). Just be wary as gas and electric options are not massive heaters, so don't be relying on them to heat your entire house.

A Complete Heating Solution

Backwoods Ten One
Seven is the one-stop solution for all your wood heating needs. We carry a
variety of wood burning heating products to help you get comfortable during the
colder months. Our extensive product range includes a variety of wood burning fireplaces,
wood stoves, furnaces, pellet stoves, cook stoves, and inserts with certified
W.E.T.T installation. From product selection to final installation, we strive
to ensure that our customers have a pleasant experience. The products we carry
offer value for money and help in making your space feel cozy and look elegant.

We have stylish
fireplace inserts that can perfectly fit into the existing firebrick or masonry
fireplace. You can also find a variety of free-standing wood stoves that gives
a classic look and warmth of wood heat. From wood stoves to gas fireplaces, we
make sure you find a product that suits your indoor or outdoor heating needs.
Wood stoves are popular among homeowners because they bring old-world charm
besides providing excellent heating. We have several models of wood stoves,
pellet stoves, fireplaces, and furnaces that provide a fantastic and an
efficient way to heat your space. The products we carry and install are designed
to be convenient and easy to use. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing
furnace or want to add a new source of heat, we are here to help you find the
right solution. As the most trusted source for heating products, we can guide
you throughout the process and help make the right choice.

At Backwoods Ten
One Seven, we strive to offer premium quality products and provide professional
installation. We have skilled professionals to safely install any heating
product you choose - gas fireplace, wood fireplace, wood stoves, and more. Our
services include installing the unit, WETT inspection, hearth, chimney/venting,
finishing on fireplaces, and more. Whether you need wood, pellet, or gas, we
make sure your heating unit is properly and safely installed to work optimally.
We have the experience and know-how to provide high-performing heating
solutions, designed to elevate the look of any room in your home. Choosing us
means you get:

• High-Quality Heating Products
• Professional & Timely Installation
• Upfront Pricing
• Variety of Heating Solutions

In-Stock Inventory

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Visit our gallery to view all of our installs and projects. Our focus is to help our customers find the perfect heating appliance for their home.