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Blaze King

Princess 29

Princess 29

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The Princess 29 is a high-efficiency wood fireplace insert, with an HHV efficiency rating of 75%. The Princess 29 has a large 2.6cu.ft. firebox yet its design allows it to be installed into small fireplaces. This insert extends 11” onto the hearth thus allowing more of the firebox heat to radiate into the room.


Appliance Performance

Efficiency 75.4% 
Maximum Heat Input 418,452 BTU's
Constant Heat Output on High 35,980 BTU's/h for 9 hours
Constant Heat Output on Low 11,686 BTU's/h for up to 27 hours
Square Feet Heated 1500 – 2500
Potential Burn time on low Up to 27 hours on low
Emissions (grams/hour) 1.26 g/hr
Firebox Capacity 2.57 cu.ft.
Flue Size 6"
C0 Weighted Avg (g/min) 0.61 g/min

Blaze King Princess 29 Manual

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