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Max Caddy

Max Caddy

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Electric Element

Ingenuity 2.0

Thanks to its electronic platform facilitating connections between systems, PSG's largest furnace is the best option for your home heating and air conditioning system.

The power to communicate

Max Caddy’s new streamlined electronic platform makes it easy for different systems to talk to each other. Heat pumps, air conditioners, humidifiers-the Max Caddy easily communicates with all of these appliances using standard industry symbols and practices. Easy-to-identify input and output ports and a blower assembly with prewired main board simplify installation and hookup. And PSG’s touchscreen LCD control module makes input and output control a breeze. 

A benchmark for efficiency

The Max Caddy’s integrated control PC board and RTD probe automatically ensure that the furnace blower is operating at optimum speed, keeping the plenum at just the right temperature. The built-in heat exchanger system ensures that heat is transferred quickly and efficiently via the smoke ducts inside the furnace instead of being lost up the chimney. The result is superior comfort and energy efficiency, with savings of up to 30% on firewood.


Multi-energy flexibility and peace of mind

The Max Caddy can be installed as a wood-only unit but is also available in wood+electric, wood+oil combo, or even wood+oil+electric triple combo configurations so you can heat your home using multiple energy sources. With Caddy series furnaces, you’ll always have an alternate source of heat to ensure the comfort and safety of your family.



This furnace can be installed as a wood-only unit. A blower box and fan limit kit are required for this configuration.

Wood Electric


This furnace can be installed as a wood+electric combo unit to ensure your central heating keeps running even when you’re not there to add more firewood. Electric element (fan limit kit included) is required for this configuration.

Wood Fuel Oil


This furnace can be installed as a wood+oil combo to ensure your central heating keeps running even when you’re not there to add more firewood. Oil burner unit and blocked vent switch required for this configuration.


If you’ve already got an oil, gas, or electric central heating system but want to add the flexibility of wood, the Max Caddy wood add-on furnace is for you. This unit, which installs on either side of your existing system, uses the same controls and fan as your existing furnace, giving you a fully compatible wood+oil, wood+gas, or wood+electric combo system.

Fuel type Dry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area-ft² 1,500 - 3,500
Overall firebox volume-ft³ 4.9
Maximum burn time  17 h
Maximum input capacity (dry cordwood) 421,000 BTU
Overall heat output rate <  18,424 BTU/h (5.6 kW) to 66,576 BTU/h (19.6 kW)
Average overall efficiency (min. to max.) 78.90% (HHV) 85.8% (LHV)
Delivered heat output rate (min. to max.) 15,118 BTU/h (4.7 kW) to 51,241 BTU/h (16 kW)
Average delivered efficiency (min. to max.) 64.80% (HHV) 70.20% (LHV)
Optimum efficiency 85.80%
Average particulate emissions rate 0.753 lb/mmBTU (0.326 g/MJ)
Average CO 12.20 lb/mmBTU (5.25 g/MJ)
Average electrical power consumption 360 W
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