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Ideal for heating spaces up to 2,700 ft², the HT-3000 is a wood stove with an impressive output of 110,000 BTU/h. EPA certified at 1.6 g/h, this non-catalytic appliance represents an eco-responsible heating source. Completely redesigned, the HT-3000 succeeds the HT2000 while retaining its reliability and distinctive look. Its very large combustion chamber allows logs to be loaded across the width and depth.

Included: pedestal with ash drawer, ceramic glass, ash lip, air damper

▪ Up to 10 hours burn time
▪ Up to 22" logs
▪ 3.5 ft³ firebox
▪ Heavy duty 5/16" steel top reinforced with C-Cast heat shield
▪ Insulated top panel for added durability
▪ EPA certified
▪ Proudly made in Canada
▪ Limited lifetime warranty
▪ Certified for mobile home and alcove installation
▪ This model qualifies for the US tax credit

Any installation must be done according to the data and drawings detailed in the owner’s manual.


Appliance Performance

Fuel type Dry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area-ft²  1,000 - 2,700
Overall firebox volume-ft³ 3.5
Maximum burn time  10 h
Maximum heat output-dry cordwood 110,000 BTU/h (32.2 kW)
Overall heat output rate < 17,200 BTU/h (3.4 kW) to 57,800 BTU/h (17.6 kW)
Average overall efficiency-EPA Cribs/Douglas Fir 71 % (HHV) 76 % (LHV)
Optimum overall efficiency 75 %
Average particulate emissions rate 1.6 g/h
Average CO 73 g/h
Manual and Dimensions

Drolet HT-3000 User Manual

Drolet HT-3000 Dimensions

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