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Chiseled Edge Limestone

Chiseled Edge Limestone

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Limestone is naturally beautiful. The look is sought for its beauty and durability. Ambiance® created the chiseled edge style Limestone look that mimics perfectly real Limestone for a fraction of the price of the real stone. Our concrete mix ensure the mantel will not crack under the heat produced by your fireplace. It will keep it brand new look for as long as a lifetime!  Limestone mantels are suitable for outdoor applications. Ideally, protected from the elements as part of an integrated fireplace/pergola combination.  Unprotected, the surface will accumulate white salt leaching that needs to be removed with a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar.  The surface would also need to have a protective sealer applied at least twice per year to protect against the freeze-thaw cycles in colder climates.  Our “Lexington Limestone” mantels are hand-crafted in Lexington, Kentucky and are available in two sizes and two colors.


59 34" or 71 34" W x 8" D x 5" H

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