Signs Your Fireplace Needs Repair or Replacement

Signs Your Fireplace Needs Repair or Replacement

During freezing winters, a good fireplace is the best thing. Most homes have some type of fireplace- electric, wood, or gas. Each type of fireplace is effective in warming up your home while saving you money on energy bills. It is one of the best home features that allow you to create a cozy ambiance and comfortable atmosphere inside the house. However, whether you’re using a gas fireplace or a wood-burning stove, all types of fireplaces need periodic maintenance. Similar to any other heating appliance, the fireplace can also break down and deteriorate without proper maintenance. Fireplaces last for years but that doesn’t mean it has an infinite lifespan. Eventually, a time will come when you need to consider replacing it.

When the fireplace stops functioning properly, you are left shivering in extreme winters. So, to avoid this situation, it is important to keep the fireplace in good shape. As an integral feature of your home's heating system, you need to consider its regular upkeep. When fireplaces are properly inspected and maintained, it performs optimally and may reduce your monthly heating utility expenses. Failing to maintain a fireplace carries a risk of chimney fires and other potentially life-threatening dangers. So, to keep your home safe, it’s important to recognize warning signs that your fireplace needs repair or replacement. Identifying these signs and taking proper action on time can avoid putting your home and family at stake.

Leaks or Smoke

Fireplaces with a chimney often encounter leakage. Sometimes, due to water damage outside of the building, moisture starts dripping from the chimney or at the sides. Ignoring leakage longer could weaken the structure and could eventually lead to structural collapse. Besides leaks, you could also notice smoke or smell gas that indicates a potential issue. Gas fireplaces usually develop gas leak problems. So, if you smell gas, make sure to contact a fireplace professional right away. A gas leak can quickly turn into a serious issue if not fixed promptly.

Low Heat Output

If not maintained, the efficiency of the fireplace can reduce. So, if you notice lower-than-usual heat output, it means your fireplace either needs repair or replacement. Most of the time this issue can be fixed by repairing faulty wiring or some tune-up work. However, if the problem persists, it’s possibly time to replace your fireplace with a new, more efficient model. When an electric fireplace gets faulty, you may also notice an increase in energy costs. So, call a professional to get your fireplace inspected.

Visible Signs of Damage

When the fireplace gets old, it starts deteriorating and looks worn out. If you can see visible signs of damage such as cracks in the masonry or white stains on your fireplace, get it checked. Moisture build-up within the bricks could make the fireplace looks coated with flour or chalk. These issues need to be fixed to prevent further damage. A rusted damper, damaged chimney crown, cracked motor joints, or soot build-ups are some more signs that indicate your fireplace needs repair or replacement.

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