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Focus SBR

Focus SBR

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The Focus SBR is one of RSF’s most popular fireplace designs and is certified to the 2020 EPA emissions regulations. With RSF’s latest built-in technology, the Smart BurnRate system, the Focus SBR is easy to operate and incredibly efficient. It is EPA certified at 1.4 g/hr, 44% cleaner than EPA 2020 requirements. Everyone benefits from the air-infused easy light-up, followed by tons of heat, clean combustion, and beautiful lazy flames.

This fireplace is certified for use with a 7″ ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.

Framing Dimensions 45″ W X 44 1/4″ H X 24″ D
Shipping weight 562 lb
Glass viewing size 24 ¼” W x 13 ¼” H
Firebox Size 2.6 cu ft

Based on overall firebox dimensions, EPA firebox volume per certification testing is 2.1 cu ft.

Firewood Length EPA tested with 14″ logs; can accept up to 22″ logs
Chimney 7″ Excel
Door Finish Black
Outside Air 4″, meets R2000
Mobile Home Approved YES
EPA Certification EPA 2020 certified at 1.4g/hr
BTU Output

22,563 BTU/h

Based on EPA certification testing using crib wood and calculations from CSA B415.1-10

BTU Maximum

50,000 BTU/h

Based on engineering calculations using firebox volume, efficiency, loading density (12lb/cu ft for hardwood), average humidity, reloading interval, type of installation, etc.

Heating Capacity 1,000 to 2,000 ft2
Burn Technology Smart BurnRate system (non-catalytic)
Optimal Efficiency


Low Heating Value (LHV) using CSA B415.1-10 calculations.

EPA Average Efficiency


High Heating Value (HHV) using CSA B415.1-10 calculations.

EPA Average CO


Carbon monoxide (CO), using data from EPA crib wood testing



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